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Read This Digital Marketing Checklist Before Your Next Open House

Every seller’s agent has run into some variation of the following scenario: You’ve just locked down a great new listing, but you have no idea how to get people in the door at your next open house. Enter the technological magic of digital advertising: Whether you’re a fan of Facebook ads or a Google devotee, running digital advertising is an excellent way to get the word out about about your newest open house without busting your monthly marketing budget. To help guide you as you advertise an open house online, we’ve assembled a checklist with 5 helpful digital advertising tips for getting people in the door at your next open house.

Set Your Goals 

Before you even decide which networks to advertise on, it’s important to lay out distinct goals for your open house. Do you want to bring in as many people as possible, or do you want to attract only the people who are most likely to buy? On the more administrative side of things, how much money can you afford to spend advertising your open house? 

Writing down your advertising goals before you create ads will both guide your choice of advertising networks and help keep your ad graphics and messaging in line with your vision. Additionally, you can use your pre-set goals later  to reflect on your campaign’s performance and tweak things for the next time you advertise an open house.

✅Choose Your Advertising Networks and Placements

First things first: It’s time to decide which network(s) you want to use to advertise your open house. Audiences and the media they like to consumer differ by platform, so make sure you refer back to the goals you set earlier when deciding how to divvy up your marketing budget. For example, let’s say you’re advertising an open house at a 2-bedroom condo in a high-traffic urban area. This property will probably generate the greatest interest on Instagram: The average age of Instagram users is lower than it is on other competing platforms, and that younger audience will likely perk up at the mention of your centrally-located listing. 

At the other end of the spectrum, agents advertising single-family homes will likely be better off focusing their marketing spend on Facebook and Google. Facebook ads will reach a massive potential audience, and Google ads will help draw in some of the hyper-local searchers in your area. 

Once you’ve ironed out specifics of which advertising networks you plan to use, it’s time to decide on ad placements. You have a wealth of placement options on each platform: For Facebook, you may choose to assemble a carousel ad with several images of your listing followed by a CTA (call to action). 

A well-planned Facebook carousel ad.

On Instagram, a well-thought-out Story ad complete with interesting creative can be a great way to grab peoples’ attention, enticing them into clicking through to learn more about your open house.

Here are a few sample frames from a great Instagram Story by Hubspot.

You’ve got a wealth of placement options on Google, too: From visually-engaging Display Ads to more straightforward Search Ads, Google’s massive advertising network and intelligent machine learning systems will help ensure that your listing gets in front of the right people. 

A screenshot of a Google Search Ad.

✅Assemble Your Ad Creative

Whether you’re selling a starter home or a megamansion, quality ad creative is the key to driving awareness and interest in your listing. Start with your listing photos: Every photo you use in your ads needs to be well-lit and high-quality to truly convey the character of the listing. If you’re advertising on Instagram or Facebook in particular, your visuals need to be thumb-stopping and stand out from the countless other ads users see every day. If you’re looking to advertise on these platforms, consider using software like Photoshop to polish your visuals and ensure everything is pixel-perfect. Not so tech-savvy? Freelance graphic designers are abundant, and their services can make or break your ad creative. 

Once your visuals are polished, it’s time to write your ad copy. There’s no need for purple prose in your advertising copy: After all, getting to the point as quickly as possible is the best way to move your audience to engage with your ad and learn more about your listing. Be sure to call out any specific features that set your listing apart: Would you want to learn more about a “Beautiful Single-Family Home – Just Listed” or a “Three Bed / Three Bath Oasis”? If you’re like most people, the latter will draw you in while providing just enough information to decide whether this listing is intriguing.

✅Schedule Your Ads

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your advertising creative, but sitting behind your computer to manually launch your ads isn’t something any agent wants to deal with. Luckily for you, most major advertising platforms allow users to schedule ads in advance, easing any worries you may have about launching the ads for your open house. 

Regardless of the platforms you choose to advertise your open house on, scheduling will work pretty much the same way. Just decide which dates you’ll want your ads to start and finish on, make sure everything looks polished, and then schedule away! For most open houses, we’d recommend launching your ad at least 5 days before your open house, and end it the day after. This way, your ad will have some time to gain traction before the big day. If you were to launch your ads any earlier, people would likely forget about your open house, lowering both the efficiency of your ads and the attendance at your open house. On the other hand, ending your ad before the end of the day you’re holding your open house can result in potential buyers missing your ad and missing out.

✅Use Organic Social Media to Expand Your Reach

You’ve made it through the process of ideating, designing, building, and scheduling your ads, but there’s still more internet-based work to be done. If you’ve been following our advice and building up your organic social media presence via a content marketing strategy, now’s the time to put that work to good use. 

Reach out to your audience on all social networks to let them know about your open house. These posts won’t have anywhere close to the reach of a comparable ad, but using your organic presence to let your sphere of influence know about major upcoming events (like open houses) is a great way to establish a regular touchpoint while building and maintaining a sense of trust between you and your sphere as a whole. If you’ve got a particularly engaged audience, they may even share your open house with friends or family who may be interested in your listing (or your services as a real estate agent!) as well.

So — what are you waiting for? If you’ve got an open house coming up, it’s time to put your new digital advertising skills to good use!

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