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How Should You Spend a $500 Facebook Ads Budget?

Facebook is one of the world’s largest advertising platforms, offering advertisers across industries countless ways to spread the word about their products or services. The real estate industry is no exception: Agents around the world have been taking advantage of Facebook Ads (and its endless targeting options) for years.

If you’re new to the world of Facebook Ads, though, it can feel nearly impossible to know where to start. To help any Facebook newbies out there, we’ve divvied up a fictional Facebook Ads budget three different ways to highlight the flexibility that comes with advertising on Facebook. Keep in mind that because Facebook owns Instagram, your budget can easily extend to both.

1. Spend it All on Facebook

A screenshot of a Facebook ad that exemplifies what it means to write listings that draw buyers in.

Limiting your Facebook Ads budget to Facebook alone is by no means a bad idea, especially if you’re just entering the world of digital advertising. Facebook offers more than a dozen options for ad placements, each of which carries its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the Newsfeed ad above does an excellent job of communicating the unique traits of the listing, but this particular placement means the advertiser can’t use more than one photo like they could with a Carousel ad. There aren’t any “wrong” choices when advertising on Facebook, so start with the placements that resonate most with you.

Are you handy with a video camera? You could put your entire budget into Suggested Video ads, driving people to your website with a beautiful video tour of your latest listing. Maybe you’re more of a photographer, in which case you can take advantage of those aforementioned Carousel ads to display several of your best listing photos at once. The options are nearly limitless, so we encourage you to experiment.

2. It’s All About Instagram

Remember: Your Facebook and Instagram advertising budgets are one and the same. Facebook owns Instagram, and this connection means that you’ll build any Instagram ads you want to run through Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Putting your entire advertising budget into Instagram might feel risky, but the visually driven nature of Instagram ads means they’re perfect for agents looking to advertise their newest listing. This Instagram-only approach will likely make the most sense for agents looking to reach younger, first-time buyers: After all, nearly 50% of Instagram users are below the age of 35.

A screenshot of an Instagram ad with the CTA highlighted.

Instagram offers fewer unique ad placements than Facebook, but the ads you create are featured much more prominently within the app itself. Newsfeed ads in particular are perfect for grabbing a user’s attention: Their light-up Call To Action buttons and focus on imagery make Newsfeed ads an incredibly versatile placement.

Instagram’s other major ad placement comes in the form of Story Ads that fit seamlessly between organic Instagram Stories. Story Ads can be static, but they really shine when combined with a well-produced video.

Split Down the Middle

For the vast majority of agents, the Facebook Ads “sweet spot” lies somewhere between the previous two approaches we’ve highlighted. Because Facebook’s Ad Manager allows you to advertise between the two platforms seamlessly, we recommend dividing your budget between Facebook and Instagram. This approach allows you to experiment with the ad placements you like while simultaneously expanding your reach, giving you a secure place from which to make future decisions about your advertising budget and placements.

Don’t feel pressured to split your budget perfectly in two, either: Like we mentioned earlier, agents looking to reach a younger audience are likely better suited putting a little more money into Instagram than agents who are trying to reach an older audience.

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